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We have been creating free/libre spaces for lovers of the hacker ethics for several years.

  • Access to computers, and anything that can teach you something about how the world works, should be unlimited and total. Always yield to the practical imperative!
  • All information must be free.
  • Distrust of authority - promote decentralization.
  • Hackers should be judged for their hacking, not by false criteria, such as diplomas, certificates, age, race or position.
  • You can create art and beauty on a computer.
  • Computers can change your life for the better.

Many groups focus from a point of view on only one or two points of the hacker ethics, as some free software groups, others focus on the part of freeing information such as warez groups etc. But what differentiates Hispagatos is that it was formed in the 90's (although names have been changed) and was born in the cradle of the hacker culture before being exploited in the working world as a job, ties, and into the same people we protest in authoritarian systems such as police and military ... we will start when it was still a subculture with abusive, noisy, cool, rebellious and anti-system electronic music, cyberpunk, idealist and anarchist attitude and above all denial of the seated. Therefore, Hispagatos we have hacker attitude in all senses from the point of view of technology as academics but also the anti-authoritarian anarchist part, social struggle, digital and social freedoms etc etc.

That is why until now the services we have had over time listed below, we never accepted donations:

  • BBS's
  • IRC servers
  • Email servers
  • Jabber / XMPP server node
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Mattermost
  • Matrix node
  • Mastodon node
  • VideoPodcasting
  • Peertube node ... etc..

All this, and the labor (or fingers) and the time invested. We have been financing between 2-3 if we work and our parent group for love of the hacker culture. But over time those who formed the collective got married, got tired or moved to the parent group, and for 9 months the parent group has stopped funding because they do not believe in the project, and ReK2 does not have so much time, soon , there will be a time for personal reasons of moving between continents, so living on savings and even with work the salaries are no longer the same.

Recurring payments:(click on link to see receipt) Our expensives now a days are around 120$/Month

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GoHubsBot 1 Diperbarui 1 tahun yang lalu

package to create bots for mozilla hubs rooms

awesome-go-security 2 Diperbarui 2 tahun yang lalu

A dedicated place for cool golang security projects


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