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Hi there, my name is Jodis Welch and am a Twitch Streamer based in the North East region of England.

I have been an avid gamer for over 30 years, so I experienced gaming in its second boom period in the early 1980's but also come from a different background as I was not in a position to get any of the consoles of the day. Instead, I was brought up on Computer Gaming on the likes of the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500.

Today I mostly play on the PC but have spent time on consoles since.

So far my streaming has been longplays of RPG's such as the Mass Effect Trilogy when celebrating 10 years of the franchise and returning to Skyrim Special Edition with the Alpha release of SKSE64 allowing popular mods from Legendary Edition to finally get ported over.

My aim is to simply play games that I enjoy playing, not necessarily what is popular at the time. Hell, at some point I fully expect to stream Don Bradman Cricket, who streams that?!

Long term I hope to be able to do a weekly podcast/talkshow to chat over gaming and general stories concerning the world along with duel streaming with other channels in cross promotion events. While I already work full time (Been an IT Tech for 20 years), I am open to the potential that streaming becomes a full time profession.

Come check me out at Twitch, Mixer, DLive and YouTube.

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