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From the mountains and valleys of Boulder County, Colorado, I gladly introduce myself; my name is Lindsey. I wear many hats. My favorites have my art on them. My Grandmother taught me to draw "The Mouse" at the age of 4, after, I preferred to express myself with a pencil and paper. Flash forward to being a humble honest human in today's world and creating a station for lost or broken toys and décor to support artists and musicians. Partnerships with local businesses for events follow in an effort to pay creatives and raise money for our homeless population. In order to keep this dynamic idea off the ground, I need donations. Supporting artists up front and providing organized materials to create art is essential for moral and problem solving. With the new stresses of Covid-19 I currently cannot set up an auction as usual to be the "funds" during the fundraisers. Until that is an option again, these funds will help me worry less and help more by focusing on bringing our community closer with kindness and loving your neighbor in a real and tangible application.

I am also on Facebook and Instagram; Search for @LindseylandLLC

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