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MyAegean is a non-profit voluntary initiative by students of the University of the Aegean.

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The idea of "myAegean"originated in 2002 with a group of students from the University of the Aegean. The aim of this initiative was to create a network portal for the whole of the Aegean University community by utilising any available technology.

Our aspiration is to create a vehicle which will encourage and promote direct, collective and qualitative communication and information exchange, without geographical restrictions, among all members of the Aegean community (students, academic and research staff, as well as administrative, technical or other personnel). myAegean is to serve as a common point of reference, as a scheme which will stimulate and facilitate interaction among all the members of the university.

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It is worth noting that, with time, this network portal has grown to provide a firm ground for action, and numerous activities have been fostered and nurtured through the constructive exchange of ideas and information. At the same time, it has significantly contributed to the projection of the University, thus making it more widely known to the public. It has gradually come to act as a springboard for creative collaboration and exchange of ideas among a great number of people both within and outside the University with the aim of promoting culture and encouraging a qualitative, fruitful means of interaction.

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