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I am an advocate of documenting our footsteps in the sand, in this journey called life.

It all started in 1999. When I watched my first documentary at a friend’s house.

It drove me to question what they were teaching us in high school. I went digging for answers. I had questions. Lots of them. The deeper I went the more I realised the importance of documenting anything and everything in every form. Be it a picture, a video, audio or text.

Just save it somewhere, the future needs it.

The more mature I became, I realised what’s the point of saving it if it’s only part of a trend and offers no value to the future but a laugh.

These are the stories I have chosen to capture, save and share, aided by the story telling, media creation and technical skills I have gathered along the way. Why ? Because we can’t do everything we decided to focus on the things we are most passionate about and or knowledgeable enough in to be of help.

I hope they will inspire, provide a guide or be a lesson for mistakes we made in our time to the future.

Gee Tee (@ontherealgee)

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