OpenSimResourceDevelopment aims to provide various resources for OpenSim

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OpenSimResourceDevelopment is based around the idea that fair work should be compensated fairly.

Our main aim is to create resources such as buildings, scripts, animations, mesh, tutorials, documentation, specialized patches and tools to further the development and adaption of OpenSim. Everything is provided open-source and for-free*, but as with anything the time and resources spent on creation takes away from other commitments, this is why we have decided to allow for anyone that is interested to support us so we can spend more time on these resources.

Financial resources often play a core part of the resources we create. Licenses for programs, testing hardware or outsourcing of work can easily accumulate a lot of invoices. Without these however the quality of what we make severely suffers and for some things you really do get what you pay for. Unfortunately this means that some of our ambitions cannot be immediately realized without outside help in funding. This is where you come in. By support this project with whatever change you got left from the last grocery-run we will be able to allocate toward the creation of higher quality resources for OpenSim and ultimately, you.

*Associated costs for hosting, licenses or usage may apply


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