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A Technological Alternative

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WeOU is a collective of interdisciplinary technologists aiming to leverage emerging innovations by searching and proposing alternative technological trajectories through the empowerment or development of socially-engaged communities.

We seek to develop new solutions. At the start of the 21st century, humanity is challenged by rising inequality, global warming, and employment automation. Considering innovation as a disruptive force capable of re-organising society, we choose to re-create generative socially-minded enterprises capable of establishing a blueprint for an alternative and sustainable future.

Fundamentally, WeOU is a #commons-oriented organisation. This means we believe in co-governing and co-owning our resources and projects as a way to enhance a generative value model for our core members and the sustainability of their endeavours. Seeking the professionalisation of the organisation, a common financial pool is one of our sought after developments. Furthermore, for the community-focused projects, we attempt to secure financial incentives to the biggest contributors of the community.

Projects like Linux and Wikipedia highlighted the possibilities enabled by the power of openness and collaboration of freely cooperating like-minded individuals. Admitting the possible social returns brought by volunteer work, WeOU developments rests upon freely #contributing like-minded individuals.

A #flat-hierarchy is part of the decision making procedures. This way, not only we can swear at each other, but benefit from the different experiences and perspective of its members, whilst subjectively respecting contributions and agency over the different projects. At this stage, we focus on #consensus instead of vote-based decisions.

Members of WeOU reside in different geographies. Aside our global ambitions and #distributed nature of the work conducted, we admit a central-northern #European focus for the moment, with the majority of our core-members residing in Denmark.


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