Spreading art involving animal people and knowledge involving dogs.

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Hey, my name is Eli Cecil, and I'm an artist, barista, and dog walker in Grand Rapids, MI! I run a small, personal studio called Bad Guts Club, and am also working toward opening my own dog walking business, Dog Mom Squad.

I post a lot of content for free (art, writing, funny jokes) and I'm cool with that! I like posting things that people find enjoyable. However, I could use some help to get some cash together for things to open my business AND continue making art. This is where this page comes in. Your monthly donations will help me fund education and legal costs for my dog walking business, and also help me live and eat and stuff so I can also keep making art.

I love making art, and I REALLY love the animal path my art and career are taking. I want to keep doing those things, and with your help I think we can make it happen!

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