Mark Washeim

GPL Foss App development, SailfishOS, Image & Video editors, German Weather Service... etc.

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Goals, in general

I'm currently seeking to subsidize the app development I do for Sailfish, an alternate Mobile operating system. I'd like to be able to also make that work available on Ubports and, eventually, Android. I'm responsible for maintaining more than 2o apps at the moment.

All apps I build are released under the GPLv2/3 (most), BSD 4 Clause or similar licenses.


I work on a wide variety of apps. Perhaps too, broad a swath!

  • Tidings an RSS client (with support for playing media)
  • Several Paint & drawing related apps
  • Two video / animation related apps
  • A client for the German Weather service (Deutscher Wetter Dientst)
  • A reboot of Fahrplan, a public transportation app using backends in numerous countries.

Some of the costs I'd like to defray include Server hosting, a decent build machine and an arm 32 bit test device. Although much can be done with freely available build servers, it's less time consuming to have a fast build machines and test devices for every target hardware platform.

I also do hardware development but am not currently seeking to fund it. I have enough material for on-going prototyping and will list it here when it become appropriate.

Akun yang Dihubungkan

poetaster memiliki akun berikut di platform lain:


fahrplan 1 Diperbarui minggu ini

QT Application for Public transportation

harbour-stopmotion 0 Diperbarui 1 bulan yang lalu

A simple qt/qml timelapse photo app.

tomservice 7 Diperbarui 1 bulan yang lalu

a wordpress plugin providing Soap calls to the German VG Wort royalty collection service. built for Texte Online Melden

harbour-simplecrop 2 Diperbarui 2 bulan yang lalu

Sailfish OS Imageworks is the most complete photo editor and image manipulation app for SailfishOS to date.

harbour-clipper 0 Diperbarui 2 bulan yang lalu

Videoworks is an experimental video editor for SailfishOS

harbour-concretemixer 0 Diperbarui 3 bulan yang lalu

An engineering app for your construction site. Calculate the right amount of cement, sand, gravel and water for any concrete project and desired strength.

harbour-beamdimension 1 Diperbarui 3 bulan yang lalu

Calculate woodworking projects like a pro. This engineering app does static calculations for wooden beams and pillars.

tidings 24 Diperbarui 5 bulan yang lalu

A RSS / Atom / OPML feed reader for SailfishOS

harbour-dwd 3 Diperbarui 7 bulan yang lalu

A Hacked up view of the DWD weather via for Sailfish OS


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