I develop, maintain, and administrate free software projects.

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Hi, I'm rixx! I'm a software dev and hacker from Germany. I develop, maintain, and administrate the free software projects below. I also contribute to other free software projects regularly. For a complete overview, take a look at my GitHub profile and my blog


chaos.social is the major Mastodon instance for the chaos community. chaos.social has its own liberapay page, please support us there instead of me personally.


pretalx is a free software to manage the content part of a conference – gather submissions, manage submissions and speakers, go through a review process, build versioned schedules, and fill in the parts that are very special to your conference with plugins. Once I manage to get enough support, I can offer free hosting for non-profit events.


byro is a free member management project for groups, especially aimed at the DACH region. It's made to be compatible with as many different groups as possible by featuring a plugin API. We provide plugins for several use cases (e.g. mailman integration) already, and are always happy to talk about new plugins and APIs. byro is in productive use at shackspace, the Stuttgart hackerspace.


I publish different kinds of articles and series on my blog:

  • When I encounter interesting technical challenges, I document those and my solutions.
  • When I visit conferences, I type along with talks and publish my notes within five minutes of the end of the talk.
  • About once a month, I publish a curated collection of fascinating, weird, or clever articles and links.
  • Once a month, I publish a review of the books I've read in the previous month.

Teams and Events

Since I have lots of experience organising events (both professional events and community events) I spend lots of time either organising events myself (like MRMCD or DjangoCon Europe 2018) or helping out others when they are organising theirs. I'm also part of the team administrating the shackspace.de services, among them a blog, a wiki, a cryptpad, and a hackMD as well as a mail, jabber, and dns servers.

Donations will go towards hosting costs and/or the occasional cider to prevent burnout. (Yes, it definitely helps.)

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