Stephen J. Sarma-Weierman

I create video tutorials about programming and tech, live-stream stuff, and help others!

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About Me

I teach Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown. I specialize in data structures, Java and Python programming. Currently very much overextended and underpaid, so I've decided to get back to recording YouTube tutorials and other content generation. I also have a Twitch channel, and I hope to spend some time streaming games, programming, rants, and other stuff people might be interested in watching.


I'm a single guy with a house that needs some repairs. I have taken in two people who needed sanctuary, and I am the sole provider. Things have been financially challenging. One person living with me is a streamer who was in an abusive situation before she moved here. She now has food, shelter, and medical care, and will be able to get back to streaming when she is ready.

Why are you doing this?

Helping people is what I do. I bought a house so I could provide sanctuary for those who need it, because once upon a time, I was in an abusive situation and I needed sanctuary. For 5 months I had no permanent address, and survived by couch-surfing and cat-sitting. I'm trying to pay it forward as best I can, not because I feel like I owe the universe, but because I believe it to be the right thing to do.

I hope I can help others learn programming and possibly provide some entertaining and educational content. If you find my content helpful, please consider supporting me here.

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