SpyCops Info Podcast

Spycops Info Podcast

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Spycops Info Podcast is about the secret political police units that are deployed undercover to infiltrate the lives of campaigners and activists involved with protest groups in the UK.

The show is exclusively presented by people who's lives were 'intruded upon' by these Spycops. The majority of the focus is based on information gleaned from the ongoing Undercover Policing Inquiry, which the presenters are attending all of. We present an explicitly partisan point of view, centring the concerns and the voices of what the Inquiry refers to as "Non- Police, Non-State Core Participants".

Episode one is the profile of one of the first of the retired spycops officers to give oral evidence to the inquiry. Future episodes will feature more profiles in the same manner, as well as other issues around the whole topic.

At present the recordings are made using a laptop, any money raised will be spent on microphones and other audio equipment.

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