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📚 Collaborative cheatsheets for console commands

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The tldr-pages project is a collection of community-maintained help pages for command-line tools, that aims to be a simpler, more approachable complement to man pages.

Here's an example tldr page for the infamous tar command:

screenshot of the tldr-node-client displaying the tldr page for the tar command

There are now thousands of such pages, in multiple languages, and the list is growing every day with contributions from hundreds of people.

Besides the pages themselves, there is also a vibrant ecosystem of clients for all sorts of platforms, as well as various tools and scripts to assist with the maintenance of the project and support the community.

We're a very collaborative and welcoming community, and try our best to be newcomer-friendly. Join us on GitHub or in the Gitter chat room!

If you have benefited from tldr pages before, or would like to support us in our mission to make the command line less daunting for everyone, we'd appreciate any amount you're able to give! Donations are currently used to pay for the domain registration costs of our website at In the future, we would like to also pay for self-hosting of tools such as tldr-bot or a Weblate instance to help with page translations.


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📚 Collaborative cheatsheets for console commands


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