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Hi, I'm Robert Wiley. I am a long time Bodhi Developer and Team member. If you are unfamiliar with Bodhi it is a Ubuntu based distro featured an enlightenment 17 fork known as Moksha. It is a rather unique and elegant distro. If you have used Bodhi then you have use software I have developed or help develop and if you have used or read our forums you have saw the quality of the support I give.


One could say Bodhi is my passion, and I wish to see it grow into a mature and very polished Distro. While Bodhi is a small community and only has a few developers, there are always new ideas popping up, improvements we would like to make and new software we wish to create, not to mention Bugs and Issues we would like to fix. We are always planning for the next best improvement. All this takes a tremendous amount of time and much of it falls on me. If I could free myself from the demands of my current occupation even a little bit, Bodhi could accomplish so much more.

Please consider supporting my work with a monthly contribution on Liberapay.

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plymouth-theme-simply-dark 0 Memperbarui 2 bulan yang lalu

A Plymouth theme for Bodhi Linux

launcher-spellchecker 0 Memperbarui 3 bulan yang lalu

Aspell front end as a Moksha Launcher plugin

Classic-Menu 0 Memperbarui 1 tahun yang lalu

A Moksha Module to restore e17s menu

e21-modules-extra 2 Memperbarui 2 tahun yang lalu

Optional additional modules for the Enlightenment 0.21 desktop

emodule-productivity (Pecabangan) 0 Memperbarui 3 tahun yang lalu

Pomodoro-like emodule application that helps you to fight procrastination by having control of your active windows that gives constant distractions

ePad (Pecabangan) 0 Memperbarui 5 tahun yang lalu

A simple text editor written in python and elementary



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