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GentleLivingShop hasn't yet specified whether they want to see who their patrons are, so your donation will be secret.

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Donasi ke GentleLivingShop dapat dibayar menggunakan kartu kredit atau kartu debit (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), atau melalui PayPal.

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On Liberapay, donations are funded in advance. You have control over when and how much you pay. Sending more money at once usually results in a lower percentage of transaction fees.

We will notify you whenever a donation needs to be renewed. If you've opted for automatic renewals, then we will attempt to debit your card or bank account as agreed.

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One-time donations aren't properly supported yet, but you can discontinue your donation immediately after the first payment.

What is this website? I don't recognize it.

You're on Liberapay, a donation platform maintained by a non-profit organisation based in France.

Is this platform secure?

Liberapay has been running for 6 years without any significant security incident. We do everything we can to keep your data safe and comply with the laws of the European Union (GDPR, PSD2, et cetera).

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