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Liberapay allows pledging to people who haven't joined the site yet. No money is collected for pledges, they only become real donations when the recipients join. Of course we notify the donors when that happens.

This page is for pledges to the Twitter user letsencrypt:

A nonprofit Certificate Authority providing TLS certificates to 260+ million websites. https://t.co/LNfs5W7GD4

51 Liberapay users have pledged to donate a total of €11.27 per week to letsencrypt.

Pledge to letsencrypt

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Apakah anda letsencrypt?

You can't or don't want to join Liberapay?

You can “opt out” of Liberapay. People will still be able to pledge to you, but a message will be displayed on this page informing everyone that you're not planning to join and asking them not to send you messages about Liberapay.

What is Liberapay?

Liberapay adalah platform donasi berulang.

Kami membantu anda menemukan pembuat dan proyek yang anda hargai.

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