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Cape Verdean, Wikipedian and open source contributor

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Hi, I'm Waldir! 👋🏼 I'm a big fan of open content, open source, intrinsically-motivated work and collaboration over competition.

I am active weekly, if not daily, in the open source community (usually on GitHub), contributing code, documentation, translations and issue reports to dozens of projects, and helping maintain a few of them, like mwclient (a Python client for the MediaWiki API) and tldr-pages (a community-driven repository of simplified manpages).

Beyond open source, I also regularly contribute to open content projects like Wikipedia (and Wikidata), OpenStreetMap, and shared knowledge platforms like StackOverflow. As a native from Cape Verde, I have contributed the bulk of Cape Verdean Creole content in Unicode's locale repository (CLDR), which is already powering the interface localization of Apple devices in Cape Verde.

I often attend events in the open source and open content spheres, both as a participant and as a speaker, and organize local and online initiatives in the communities I am involved in, to help more people get engaged with open source projects.

My ultimate goal is to achieve a level of financial support that would allow me to gradually transition into fully open-source work, and take on larger projects that I can't afford to do on my spare time. I have plenty of ideas! If you've come across my work and would like to support more of it, I'd really appreciate any amount you might be able to contribute.

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